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BD Model Sabila Nur Leaked MMS Video Tape Goes To Viral in Social Media

Recent high-profile incidents in Bangladesh A video publish in social media. BD actress Sabila Noor, this is only a news slide show about Sabila Nur scandal, so it can't break rules. Sabila Nur new mms scandal video leaked goes to viral on internet in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc which is she is not Sabila Nur. She is a Indian girl who is same to same looks like Sabila Noor. She is an resident in Bangalore.

First of All,I don't know Sabila Nur... Secondly, I don't care what you guys do at your inbox since it's private so it really doesn't affect anything...but spreading something publicly? That should go against your ethics. I mean grow up guys. You ain't in primary school/junior school anymore. You had justified your curiosity long ago. You hear a rumor, don't spread it publicly . Just inbox that with trustworthy people. Yes, knowledge is power. I don't say that you be deaf and learn nothing. Learn from everyone and everything. Specially learn to know that MEN ARE PIG. NOT ALL REMAIN LOYAL. AND YES,SAME GOES FOR WOMEN AS WELL. CRIMES DON'T HAVE ANY "GENDER DISCRIMINATION". MIND THAT. But defaming someone publicly for specially something that they didn't, that's really cheap indeed. And do memorize the difference between a "scandal" and a "pornography". "Pornography" is something that's considered legit in many countries. But "scandals"? hell no, you can be punishable depending on the severity. Specially refrain from sharing any nudity in public. Nobody cares what do you do in private,but don't anything publicly. DEFAMING SOMEONE WITH/WITHOUT LEGITIMATE PROOFS ARE CONSIDERED CRIME REGARDLESS OF THE GENDER... WHICH MEANS IT DOESN'T MATTER IT'S THE TRUTH/OR NOT.. "DEFAMING" SOMEONE IS A PUNISHABLE "CRIME" UNDER CERTAIN RULES AND REGULATIONS. Also learn the difference between "discussion" and "defaming". Discussion is - there's a rumor that Sabila Nur has a scandal footage. YOU WILL ALSO FIND VARIOUS NEWS CHANNELS AND PORTALS "DISCUSSING" THESE TYPE OF MATTERS.. For example : The "Rubel and Happy" incident. AND LAW CAN'T TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINST SUCH DISCUSSION. Defaming is - There's the link. Watch it at your risk, epic videos, bla bla. *Negative attributes added* For example : DSU got caught badly. Remember the admins were put in jail? Can you tell the difference??the difference was based on "nudity"... Discussion posts don't spread nudity while defaming posts do. THIS POST IS NOT TO PUT SOME ETHICS AMONG US BUT TO MAKE REALIZE THAT IN FACT YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF BANGLADESH AND YOU CAN'T DEFAME ANOTHER EVEN IF IT'S TRUE. DO A DISCUSSION ON THAT. IN A "CIVIL MANNER" OF COURSE. And the Sabila incident was in fact nothing more than a rumor. Ethics may not matter to you BUT RULES HAVE TO MATTER TO YOU Sabila Noor new scandal video tape leaked in social media, Bangladeshi actress Sabila Noor video leaked, BD actress Sabila Nur video leaked, Bangladeshi hot actress Sabila Nur video leaked tape, Bangladeshi hot drama actress Sabila Nur new mms video tape leaked.

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